First Norfolk outdoor eco-gym supported by Sheringham Shoal grant

Memorial Park in North Walsham eco-gym used by the local community [Image courtesy of North Walsham Play]

[Image courtesy of North Walsham Play]

With the assistance of a grant from the Sheringham Shoal Community Fund, Norfolk’s first outdoor eco-gym has opened in the Memorial Park in North Walsham.

With the support of North Walsham Town Council, it has been developed by the charity North Walsham Play [NWP], and is situated adjacent to the Memorial Park children’s play area which was also developed by NWP in 2018.

The eco-gym features thirteen pieces of equipment of which four exercise machines enable users to generate electricity to recharge their mobile devices through their pedalling.

Matthew Smith, the founder and a Trustee of North Walsham Play, is delighted with the eco-gym, saying:

“The exercise machines work just like a UK plug socket, so two to three hours of pedalling or pulling across any of the four items of equipment should be sufficient to fully charge a mobile phone.”

He continued:

“The installation also features battery storage, so any surplus electricity generated by those using the eco-gym will be stored and used to help reduce the cost of the Memorial Park’s overall electricity consumption.

“In the coming months, NWP will publish the statistics relating to electricity generation by the exercise machines, and I think that will be very interesting data.”

Sorting the samples (image courtesy of Norfolk Rivers Trust)

Mal Wesby
[Image courtesy of New Ideas for Business]

Mal Wesby from the Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm joined North Walsham Mayor, Councillor Garry Bull, to formally open the eco-gym on Saturday 10 August 2019.

He said:

“Over the last nine years the Sheringham Shoal Community Fund has awarded nearly £900,000 in grants to the North Norfolk community, and this combined exercise and renewable energy installation is one of the most innovative projects to receive a grant.

“I understand there are plans to develop free outdoor exercise classes, and as a long-time resident of North Walsham, I believe the town’s residents will make excellent use of this facility.”

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Issue Date: 16-08-2019