Scira Sponsorship Supports Local A Level Students

Fakenham College has received sponsorship from Scira Offshore Energy for the purchase of survey equipment for the use by A Level Geography students in studying coastal processes and landforms on the North Norfolk coast.

Fakenham College A Level students surveying beach profiles at Weybourne, North Norfolk.

Fakenham College A Level students surveying beach profiles at Weybourne, North Norfolk.

The North Norfolk coast has always drawn in teachers and students from across the country, to study the coastal processes that control the development of this coastline. Decades of academic research have continued to build upon our understanding, forming the basis of research and teaching for future generations. Fieldwork and investigative skills are central to developing this understanding.

Colin Bye, Head of Geography and Head of Humanities at Fakenham College, said that the sponsorship from Scira has enabled Fakenham students to access advanced fieldwork skills.

"The North Norfolk coast is an extremely dynamic environment, which I have studied for many years. I have always had a desire to directly apply land surveying techniques, combined with the more traditional investigative approaches used as part of A Level Geography studies. The provision of this equipment through Scira sponsorship has now allowed us to establish base line surveys, which students can use in the future to study ongoing changes along this coastline."

"I believe that fieldwork is central to A Level Geography. Students learn by undertaking their own studies outside of the classroom. We are teaching our students not only how to plan and implement studies based on previous academic research, but also to develop a true appreciation of their local environment combined with a wider skills base. It is important that our students are able to experience the direct application of their studies both outside and within the classroom, in order to bring relevance to their work and make their learning come alive."

The Scira sponsorship marks the start of the development of a longer term partnership between Fakenham College and Scira, aiming to produce a range of educational resources for use by students and teachers studying the Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm.

Liz Hancock, HR & Communication Manager with Scira Offshore Energy, said, "Scira is delighted to support this A Level geography fieldwork, as coastal studies and surveys so closely relate to our operation, and we are looking forward to developing a long term relationship with Fakenham College. From an industry perspective, we see this collaboration, which gives students learning through using real life local case studies, as a great way to prepare young people for future career opportunities."

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Liz Hancock, HR & Communications Manager,
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Issue Date: 18-03-2013